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Action Logement Services is a simplified joint-stock company, created in 2016 by decree, member of Action Logement Group, which is its sole shareholder.

Action Logement Services’ purpose is to provide financing in the housing sector, in particular the housing of employees, in order to promote employment and contribute to economic dynamics throughout France. As such, it ensures the collection of employers’ participation in the construction effort (the “PEEC” for Partcipation des Employeurs à l’Effort de Construction). It provides loans, financial support, and services to employees and businesses, as well as to social and intermediate landlords.

Action Logement Services is licensed in France as a finance company.

Action Logement Services develops its activity with a commitment to social utility and sustainable development.

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Long terme senior unsecuredAa2AA-
Short term F1+

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Olivier RICO
General manager Action Logement Services